Available courses

Expand participants understanding of freedom and the value it holds, how their actions impact their freedom, why good decisions are important, and how your decisions determine your entire life.

Birthing Your Vision is a workshop designed to help you begin the process of creating a vision for your life. After completing this workshop, you should have a better understanding of the following:

1. What you want out of life

2. Why having a vision is important

3. How your vision empowers you

4. How you use your vision to keep you focused

This is a self-motivated workshop, so you are in control of how much you gain from this. The only person who can truly change your life is you. If you want a better life, you have to do this for yourself, no one can change your life for you. 

This course looks at what it takes to be in control over your own life. How setting goals, establishing objectives then being discipline, and creating positive habits can change your entire life.

This is a great course that helps you really think about how you want to live in the future, and what it's going to take to make that happen! This course pushes you to think, prepare, and ask yourself the right questions!

This course covers why it is important to be your own person, never all others control how you live your life, and the importance of doing things that make you happy instead of living to please everyone else.

Controlling Your Reactions was created to help you manage your reactions by understanding how you respond to outside influences and why.

Emotional Maintenance was developed to help you embrace, identify, and better understand your emotions.

Mindset Movement is an activity based set of workshops, developed to work your mind and your body.

This course will help participant reflect on how they view themselves and why.

This course is designed to help prepare each student the ability to develop confidence in the process of transition from middle school to high school.

The objective for this training section is to understand why it is important to you to invest in our youth and young adults. We also want you to understand why this is important to us.